Así es mi tierra (1937)

Así es mi tierra (1937)

With revolutionary Mexico as a backdrop, a successful local rancher returns triumphant from the war to the praise of townsfolk, and “El General” is ready to take a wife. However the senorita of choice already has fallen for a secret admirer, and a boyhood rival who is threatened by the General’s popularity in turn plots against his life.

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Genre: ComedyRomance

Director: Arcady Boytler,

Actors: Amelia Wilhelmy,Ángel T. Sala,Antonio R. Frausto,Cantinflas,Juan José Martínez Casado,Luis G. Barreiro,Manuel Medel,Margarita Cortés,Mercedes Soler,Miguel Wimer,

Duration: 82

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6