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Carnival of Sorrows (2018)

Carnival of Sorrows (2018)

Gabriel Cushing (David Curtis) and Melanie Lancley (Vicki Glover) fight demons, and they’re good at it. Really good. With Gabriel’s knowledge and intuition and Melanie’s tenacity there’s nothing they can’t overcome. When Gabriel gets a mysterious call from an old friend of his father’s, Dr Albert Parker, they head off to investigate, but when they arrive, Dr Parker is missing and so are several other people. Something is praying on the unsuspecting people of South Western, something unnatural. The Carnival of Sorrows has come to town…

Views: 11

Genre: Horror

Director: Mark Adams,

Actors: Antonia Tootill,David Curtis,Emily Carding,Graham Cawte,Janet Adams,Jasmine Atkins-Smart,Kate Danbury,Serena Chloe Gardner,Tim Charles,Vicki Glover,

Duration: 90

Quality: HD