Damage (2012)

Damage (2012)

A prominent married couple Taiwo and Sarah played by Uche Jombo and Kali Ikeagwu respectively, have a life that is marred by domestic violence. When things are going well, their relationship is blissful, but when it is going badly is hellish. On one occasion the husband surprises his wife by spelling out I love you with petals by their swimming pool, but when they fight it is vicious and violent. Quick tempered Taiwo appeases his wife by buying her gifts after they fight. Their home life affects their children in the worst way. Their son is violent at school and their daughter is withdrawn to the point of muteness, her own way of protesting, but the couple refuses to see that the violent nature of their relationship is responsible until it is too late.

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Genre: Drama

Director: Moses Inwang,

Actors: Basorge Tariah Jr.,Kalu Ikeagwu,Nicolette Ndigwe,Tonto Dikeh,Uche Jombo,

Duration: 88

Quality: HD