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El gendarme desconocido (1941)

El gendarme desconocido (1941)

A gang of thieves has jeopardized the city and even the police, whose chief urges their forces to captured the band within 48 hours. Meanwhile, band members meet in a cafe run by a widow and her daughter and her suitor, Cantinflas, who maintains a scuffle with the robbers running all at the station. Since then, Cantinflas become a member of the police force for special missions.

Views: 10

Genre: Comedy

Director: Felipe Palomino,Miguel M. Delgado,

Actors: Agustín Isunza,Alfredo Varela,Cantinflas,Carlos López Moctezuma,Consuelo Guerrero de Luna,Daniel Herrera,Gloria Marín,Julio Villarreal,Luis G. Barreiro,Mapy Cortés,

Duration: 108

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4