Justice Ninja Style (1985)

Justice Ninja Style (1985)

Brad Tolan is a martial arts instructor who moves to De Soto to open a karate school. he is framed by chief deputy George and his partner officer Grady for a murder he did not commit and is thrown in jail, uncertain if he will ever see a trial. with the help of a mysterious ninja, Brad escapes from jail and must evade capture while he tries to clear his name. when George forms a posse of angry townsfolk to take out the fugitive, it is up to brad and the ninja topple George and expose corruption on the force.

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Genre: Action

Director: Parvin Tramel,

Actors: Brent Bell,Guy D. Ross,Jim L. Coomer,John Leach,Linda Garrison,Nick Nixon,Rick Rykart,Ron White,Victoria Mann,William R. Johnson,

Duration: 90

Quality: HD