My Name Ain’t Suzie (1985)

My Name Ain’t Suzie (1985)

The Suzie in the title refers to The World Of Suzy Wong, a great novel by British author Richard Mason which was made into a terrible Hollywood movie in 1960. Like Suzy, Shu Mei goes to work in a bar in Wanchai around the late 1950s, where sailors and foreign money are plentiful. But there isn’t much similarity beyond this.

Views: 24

Genre: Drama

Director: Angie Chen,

Actors: Angela Yu Chien,Anthony Wong,Betty Ting Pei,Colette Goo Ga-Ling,Deanie Ip,Kelvin Wong Ho-Yee,Kwan Yik-Nam,Lee Sze-Ping,Pat Ha,Wong Wai,

Duration: 96

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6