Ni Sangre ni Arena (1941)

Ni Sangre ni Arena (1941)

Cantinflas enjoys the bullfight show, and wants to crash in every of these spectacles. Also, there’s a professional bullfighter, Manolete, who is identical to Cantinflas. Manolete has to give a bullfight show in a village, but Cantinflas arrives first as a stowaway in a train, and he’ll be mistake by the real bullfighter. Cantinflas will give us a demonstration of courage.

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Genre: Comedy

Director: Alejandro Galindo,Miguel M. Delgado,

Actors: Alfredo del Diestro,Cantinflas,Elvia Salcedo,Fernando Soto,Miguel Inclán,Paz Villegas,Pedro Armendáriz,Roberto Banquells,Salvador Quiroz,Susana Guízar,

Duration: 104

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0