School for Tramps (1955)

School for Tramps (1955)

Alberto Medina is a very famous composer and is on a field trip when his car runs out of gas and goes downhill. While looking for help, he finds the Valverdes’ house and is welcome by Emilia, the mother of the family, who is known for giving shelter to tramps. The rest of the family disagrees, because the last one disappointed her. In a story of family situations, funny moments and jealousy, Alberto ends up earning everyone’s respect and has a special connection with the oldest daughter, the beautiful Susana, and they fall in love.

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Genre: ComedyRomance

Director: Rogelio A. González,

Actors: Anabelle Gutierrez,Blanca de Castejón,Dolores Camarillo,Eduardo Alcaraz,Fernando Casanova,Liliana Durán,Miroslava,Óscar Ortiz de Pinedo,Óscar Pulido,Pedro Infante,

Duration: 99

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.2