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Sijjin 5 (2018)

Sijjin 5 (2018)

Hale attracted attention with its different appearance and strange behavior. She lives in a historical and eerily house in Nevsehir with her mother, a depressed grandmother and her aunt Azra. Hale’s father had disappeared before she was born and was never seen again. Hale sees a nightmare of a terrible night; her father, whom she never saw, invites her to an old and uncanny home. This house is the old house of her grandfather in Karain Village, where a forbidden ritual was held many years ago. After this nightmare, a series of unbelievable changes begin in Hale. Azra and Azra’s boyfriend, Selim, suffered the most from this frightening change of Hale.

Views: 14

Genre: Horror

Director: Alper Mestçi,

Actors: Aslın Su Divrik,Ece Baykal,Ece Köroğlu,Merve Ateş,Metin Yıldırım,Özgür Hacier,Pınar Gülkapan,Rüya Önal,Selim Aydın,Tuncay Çağıl,

Duration: 92

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.9