Super Lykeio: Akros ‘koufo’ & palavo (1985)

Super Lykeio: Akros ‘koufo’ & palavo (1985)

Sotiriou, the Kolovos, the Kopanos, the Tsigos and Crab are five handsome mad students a mixed high school. Along with the girls, the time, Haritos, Christina and others get involved in various crazy situations. The Lykeiarchis (sheriff) and Professor of Latin (Cornelius the spastic) are teachers in high school ……..

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Genre: Comedy

Director: Panagiotis Konstantinou,

Actors: Costas Makedos,Dimitris Kalivokas,Kostas Palios,Paul Evagelopoulos,Pavlos Evagelopoulos,Vasia Panagopoulou,

Duration: 115

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2