The Lower Depths (1936)

The Lower Depths (1936)

Inhabitants of a flophouse struggle to survive under the harsh treatment imposed by the landlord, Kostyleva. One resident, young thief Wasska Pepel, ends his affair with the landlord’s wife, Vassilissa, and takes up with her sister, Natacha. Pepel also befriends the baron, a former nobleman fallen on hard times, but Pepel’s attempts at happiness are complicated when he’s accused of murder by a spiteful Vassilissa.

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Genre: CrimeDramaRomance

Director: Jean Renoir,

Actors: André Gabriello,Camille Bert,Jany Holt,Jean Gabin,Junie Astor,Louis Jouvet,Nathalie Alexeief-Darsène,Robert Le Vigan,Suzy Prim,Vladimir Sokoloff,

Duration: 92

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.7