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Zwinglis Erbe (2018)

Zwinglis Erbe (2018)

A.D. 1519: When Huldrych Zwingli begins preaching as a priest in Zurich, the plague affects him. Looking death in the face, God’s Word carries him through and he survives. Encouraged and strengthened, he turns Zurich upside down with the Bible in his hand. However, resistance – even from the closest circle of friends – increases more and more.

Views: 3

Genre: DramaHistory

Director: Alex Fröhlich,Micha Kohli,

Actors: Mirjam Nef,Nila Hotz,Patrik Simeon,Reinhard Fust,René Graf,Reto Ziegler,Richard Rabelbauer,Thomas Prelicz,Thomas Pukhely,

Duration: 55

Quality: HD


IMDb: 9.2